Gem Crown Diamonds

So Simple It’s Brilliant™

One day our cutter decided to explore new cuts because he wanted to increase the life, sparkle & brilliance in their colored stones.  After much research on old diamond patterns, they stumbled upon the Jubilee cut from the Victorian era – which was known for being the most brilliant diamond cut of its time.  They slightly reengineered the pattern, by adding an additional 16 facets to the crown and tested the new cut on their rubies. The results were amazing as this new pattern dramatically increased the life of each stone they cut. Next, they tried it on diamonds.  Inspired by the Victorian era and fashioned after the Jubilee Diamond Queen Victoria received on her 75th birthday, which to this day can be seen in the Crown Jewels, the GemCrown® Diamond was created.  The extra facets add scintillation and increase the white light that reflects (back) through a diamond. In order to prove this, we sent an ordinary round ideal cut diamond to GemEx to be measured for fire (color light), sparkle (scintillation) & brilliance (white light). We then re-cut the diamond to a GemCrown® and then sent it back to GemEx. (display before & after reports, side by side) On each level, we improved significantly.